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GOATKEEPER is no longer published, but . . .

• it was Canada’s all-breeds goat magazine

• was published continuously from February 1998 to December 2018

• was produced in its entirety in Canada

• although no longer published, back issues are available


“Thank you for the magazine. It is informative, fun, and useful!”

“When I sell stock, I always tell them to read GoatKeeper - it’s a great little mag.”

“I read GoatKeeper cover to cover. It is and always has been the premium goat magazine!!!!”

“Publishing GoatKeeper has been a great service to the goat industry in Canada!”

“Most informative and a first class publication!”

“WOW!!! Very, very impressive.”


Click on the cover image at right to view a sample issue (October 2016).

Requires Acrobat Reader to view. Sorry, we no longer mail out print sample issues.

Note: Internet Explorer may display some text as gibberish in the pdf sample of GoatKeeper.

In that case, please try a different browser (e.g. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox).